Be proactive in 2019. Are you classifying workers accurately?

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Mitigate your IC program risk with a Health Check risk assessment

Independent contractor (IC) misclassification can expose an organization to significant financial risk.

Health Check is a quick and easy first step to help you identify and solve problems in your IC program. Our team examines your company's IC use, and the provides your team with high-level insight and guidance into compliance, governance, and regulations.

The benefits of Health Check are clear:

  • Identify areas of risk in your contingent workforce program, and expand with confidence
  • Analyze and optimize the effectiveness and adoption of your non-employee workforce program
  • Flag early warning signs of issues with compliance, misclassification, talent supply, executive governance, and points of leakage
  • Locking down rogue spend
  • Mitigate risks by developing independent channels for talent acquisition
  • Summarize the amounts and counts of payments to small suppliers
  • Identify high-risk targets for the IRS and DOL