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An economic downturn can impact your workforce

Are you ready?

Do you have a variable-cost structure component in your workforce?

The fixed costs associated with employee wages are usually the largest line item in a company’s budget.  And there are heavy, employer-related costs associated with reductions in force, unemployment and workers’ compensation. In a period of economic uncertainty, you need operating flexibility as part of your company strategy by making a larger percentage of your workforce variable.  This allows you to ebb and flow your hiring needs to meet the demands of your company.

Yet, it’s still a race to attract and engage top talent. And your brand reputation is something that can’t be compromised.  TalentWave’s Employer-of-Record (EOR) Professional Payrolling services are a reliable and trusted extension of your company brand. Our concierge service makes the payrolling process a positive experience resulting in happy workers, improved retention and increased referrals.

Why our approach is different:

  • Our world-class team of Client Solutions personnel have earned our clients’ trust, backed by our industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • We take pride in creating a superior experience for your transitioning contractor population.  With our high-touch approach, frequent follow up, multiple levels of corporate benefits, state-of-the-art onboarding platform, and client-specific training, we’re the workhorse supporting your valuable employer brand to safely attract and retain the best talent!  

How TalentWave does it better:

  • Provide dedicated, named program specialists that follow up with the worker’s first day, end of first week, first paycheck and monthly thereafter, ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Continually assess contractor satisfaction through quarterly surveys.
  • Enable workers to engage with our online platform to view and update their profile, paycheck and expense history, and access W-2 documentation.
  • Deliver comprehensive training, tailored to your specific needs, for systems and processes the worker will use, ensuring a flawless experience that reflects your brand and culture.